About Clara Beaufort, Founder and CEO of GardenerGigs

Clara is a retired small business owner, who was born with two green thumbs. Recently, she handed the reins of the business she ran for 30 years over to her daughter. But retirement didn’t slow her down. She immediately got to work organizing and growing a community garden, but found her passion for gardening still wasn’t satisfied. And so the seed for a new business idea was planted! She created GardenerGigs to connect local gardeners with those in need of plant care help.

About GardenerGigs

GardenerGigs grew out of Founder Clara Beaufort’s desire to have more space to cultivate, nourish, and beautify. GardenerGigs recognizes that gardens, whether they’re growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers, bring communities together, and no space that can be cultivated should go untilled. Whether you need help with your plants or want to provide plant care, GardenerGigs is ready to help.